Weekend Update: I Have No Patience

We had a pretty chill weekend around these parts. We thought about starting potty training, but soon realized Coco just isn’t ready.

I ordered some Thomas the Train underpants from of Amazon, thinking he’d be so excited to wear his beloved Thomas that he wouldn’t soil them. He was excited to wear them all right. As soon as I opened the package when we got home on Friday night, he wanted to put them on. I wasn’t planning on starting the potty training until Saturday, but I thought, what the heck? Maybe I can have this kid on the road to no more diapers before Daddy even gets home from work! Hahaha. I’m so freaking arrogant.

I put Coco on the toilet and he peed, Yay! M&M as a reward and the Thomas pants were on. I was planning on checking in with him every 10-15 minutes and put him on the potty again, but not 5 minutes later I noticed a suspicious lump in the back of his underwear. Yep. A shit-show ensued and I’m not talking figuratively. My idea for this weekend was to give it a try, but not get bent out of shape if he wasn’t ready. I don’t want to stress him out and push it before he’s ready. I found myself on the verge of doing just that, so I just put the diapers back on him and called it a day. Meanwhile, Coco is carrying around a clean pair of the Thomas underwear like they’re his new favorite toy.

On Saturday morning he was still carrying around the Thomas underwear, so Brian and I decided to give it another go. This time we decided to let him go commando and put him on the pot every 10-15 minutes. We wound up with poop on the living room floor within an hour. Yep, not ready. Pampers will continue to get a chunk of my paycheck.

On Saturday we mostly hung around the house. I assembled the bubble mower I bought for Coco and had a great time “mowing the lawn” . . . pantless.

Coco lawn mower

I made one of Brian’s favorite meals, SkinnyTaste.com’s Sicilian Rice Ball Casserole.

Photo courtesy of skinnytaste.com.

Photo courtesy of skinnytaste.com.

This recipe is SO good and I split the recipe between two casserole dishes and freeze one. We still have leftovers and I have an easy meal in the freezer for a later date. Love it!

On Sunday we went out for breakfast at the Original Breakfast House. It’s just a couple miles from our new house and this is the third time we’ve been there since we moved in. You could say we’re fans. Their french toast is crazy good. We always order it for Coco and he can only finish half so Mommy and Daddy get to share the rest. (This is why I’m fat.)

Later on, I went to Home Depot and bought a few herb plants. I had an empty pot on the front porch where I planted some rosemary and I bought a couple small terra cotta pots at Goodwill so I planted sweet basil and oregano in them and put them in the windowsill of the kitchen. I have this elaborate fantasy where I plant an amazing garden in the backyard and spend all of my free time outside sowing and reaping a bountiful harvest from my own backyard. It took every ounce of my willpower this weekend not to spend hundreds of dollars on plants and start digging up the backyard. See, the thing is, I can’t keep a houseplant alive. I either over-water or forget to water it entirely. When Brian and I first moved in together, I had a ton of empty pots so I planted herbs in the pots and arranged them all over the deck at my old house. Other than one handful of basil that I used in a caprese salad, all of the plants either died or I never got around to harvesting. Total waste.  So I know I need to see if I can keep some basil, oregano, and rosemary alive before I dig up the lawn for my mythical garden.

However, I did order this book from Amazon:

garden book

It not only talks about growing fruits, vegetables, and flowers. It also covers caring for lawns and trees. Since I hear keeping a yard healthy in Phoenix is pretty difficult, I hope it will be a good reference for both Brian and me. I’d never heard of “winter grass” before I moved to Arizona. You change your grass with the seasons here??? We have a lot to learn.

So how was your weekend?



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