Yummy and Healthy!

We just got back from our first childless vacation in San Diego. Four nights, one cottage in Ocean Beach, and about a million gallons of alcohol. It was exactly what Brian and I needed to reconnect and feel like a loving couple again. I mean, there is love between us every day, but sometimes in the bustle of work and child rearing, chores and bill paying, the romance takes a nose dive. Having some time away to have adult conversations without having to pause for a refilled sippy cup or a poopy diaper was really nice.

Now that we’re back, we’re both refocusing on our health. Brian pulled a leg muscle a little over a month ago and couldn’t run on it for almost a month. The inactivity, coupled with the boozing this past week has him feeling pretty lousy. He’s committing to eating paleo through the end of the year! That shizz cray. We’ve done paleo together in the past, but that was prior to parenthood when we could come home and spend an hour cooking dinner together every evening. That ain’t happening with a toddler in the house. Although I feel amazing when I eat paleo, my one complaint is that it takes a lot of prep time. I mean, you can’t just slap a sandwich together or order some Chinese takeout when you’re hungry and short on time. Needless to say, I’m not ready to hop on board the strict paleo train right now, but eating less processed foods, less grains and sugar, and less alcohol is definitely something I need to do.

So anyway . . .

Do you love Sunset magazine? If not, we can’t be friends. I freaking love that magazine. Every issue is like escaping to a fantasy world where every meal is prepared with fresh produce from my beautiful garden, my home is a beautiful showpiece filled with treasures we’ve curated during out travels, and all of our free time is spent hiking around the beautiful American west. If only. . .

Have you seen this special issue on news stands yet?


The cover says it’s on news stands through September 12th, so if you haven’t grabbed a copy yet, get you some. All of the recipes take less than 30 minutes to prepare and everything I’ve tried so far has been amazing. Tonight I made the recipe shown on the cover: Cherry Tomato and Asparagus salad and I threw some diced chicken breast on top to make it a complete, protein-packed meal.


So good. Brian loved it, too and the recipe made enough that we’ll both have enough for lunch tomorrow. And a personal triumph for me? The basil was from my own plant on the back patio! That’s right! Mrs. Black Thumb has kept a plant alive long enough to actually harvest from it. My rosemary didn’t fare so well. It’s currently a crispy critter on the front porch, awaiting replacement. Baby steps.



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